Script reading workshop "From Page to Screen"

Oonya Kempadoo and Karen Williams with the generous sporsorship of  Barbados Business Machine Limited presents…

FROM PAGE TO SCREEN: A Collaborative, Improvisational, Script Writing Workshop led by actor-producer Karen Williams and writer Oonya Kempadoo

The workshop aims to develop the screenplay adaptation of Tide Running, based on the novel “Tide Running” by Oonya Kempadoo. Writer Oonya Kempadoo an actor-producer Karen Williams collaborate with participants (professional and emerging actors and non-professionals) focusing on story development, dialogue and discovering the emotional truth underlying the drama in a two-day rehearsal workshop. The workshop culminates with a final presentation of a selection of the scenes that participants have improvised OR a table reading by participants of the work-in-progress script.

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  1. Wondering whether I could be allowed to witness this workshop as an observer rather than a participant. As a working professional I am unable to offer my services without remuneration but am hugely interested in the process. Please advise.

    Alison Sealy-Smith

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