Special Guests


  • Gina Belafonte

    Gina Belafonte

    Born and raised in New York City,

    Gina Belafonte

    has spent most of her life surrounded by entertainment and activism. Today, her professional work encompasses these two arenas. As the youngest child of Julie and Harry Belafonte, whose life’s work is reflective of some of the best-known entertainment and most progressive social activism, Gina’s passions should come as no surprise.

  • Elombe Mottley

    Elombe Mottley

    Elombe Mottley

    has also been a pioneer in the development of Barbadian and Caribbean radio, with his innovative late night jazz programmes and his piloting of the radio call-in programme. He also championed the rise of Barbadian dialect or ‘nation language’, and has been an important innovator as a newspaper columnist and published writer.” Mottley can be credited with having catalysed and led the Afro-Barbadian cultural renaissance that took shape in the late 1960s, and that not only impactfully challenged the existing systems of Euro-centrism, but also unearthed, liberated and developed a black Barbadian cultural and artistic aesthetic and spirit in a manner that has been truly transformative. David Commisiong/Clement Payne Cultural Centre.

  • Carla Foderingham

    Carla Foderingham

    Carla Foderingham

    is a former television news presenter in Trinidad & Tobago. She is a former anchorwoman at CCN TV6, Gayelle – The Channel and Cable News Channel 3. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company. The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) is a single purpose company designed to develop the national film industry through the provision of service and support. The TTFC delivers high quality customer service to all stakeholders within the film/audio-visual industry and various communities.

  • Sr. Perez

    Sr. Perez

    In August 2011, Dominican Republic President Dr. Leonel Fernández Reyna appointed

    Ellis Perez

    to the post of Director General of Cinematography in the Dominican Republic General Department for Cinematography (DGCINE), which effectively functions as the Film Commission and is designed to encourage the growth of film development on the island – a potential $375 million dollar industry with the possibility to employ over 24,000 people. Mr. Perez was previously Minster of Tourism for the Dominican Republic. The new Film Commission is in place to help investors, studios, production companies and independent producers find all the services needed to film their projects in the DR and provide support with location scouting, permits and clearances, and provide consultations on all needs relating to filming in the DR.

  • Tony Coco-Viloin

    Tony Coco-Viloin

    Activist filmmaker, committed to the development of Caribbean indigenous cinema, teacher and founder of a film school in Guadeloupe. Tony Coco-Viloin (nicknamed “Mr Clap”) has also worked in the industry as screenwriter, editor, director, and producer. He is currently the Film Commissioner of Guadeloupe.


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