Franklyn “Chappie” St Juste

FRANKLYN  “CHAPPIE” ST. JUSTE (Director of Photography)

“Chappie” as he is popularly known has spent more than the last half of his life in Jamaica. Before that he worked in St. Lucia and his birthplace, Trinidad.

Probably the most experienced cinematographer working in the Caribbean today, Chappie has shot everything including news, commercials, documentaries and features.

One of his most notable achievements is his photography of a signigicant portion of Perry Henzell’s THE HARDER THEY COME with Jimmy Cliff.

Today, he functions not only as cinematographer, but also as a director in his own right, producing several documentaries. Chappie got his first exposure to film through his father while growing up in Trinidad. He continues the tradition by passing on his knowledge to one of his sons, Brian, who was his first assistant during the shooting of Children of Babylon.

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