Michael Horne

Michael Horne has been producing and promoting some 3,000 artists since the early 1980s, including more than 1,000 Caribbean acts. Horne has made an annual  pilgrimage to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago for the last 17 years, where he developed a personal relationship with many of the Calypsonians filmed in Calypso Dreams.  In the mid-1980s, he released for international distribution the popular “Pan Champs” and “Steel Band” compilation series under his Blue Rhythm record label. He has also performed as a musician with  both the Invaders and the Renegades steel bands during Carnival. Horne’s nightclub, Palookaville, was a cultural institution in Northern California for nearly a decade and provided an important venue for many Caribbean performers. He is the recent recipient of a Calabash Award for his contributions to ethnic arts in Northern California.

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