Saturday 14th April, 1.30pm


Starting at 1:30 pm | George Washington House

Short Films (in competition)

  • The Heist

    The Heist

    Shermaine Desnoes & Nicholas King | 5 minutes | Trinidad & Tobago/Barbados

    The film was done as part of the opening event for the Miss Barbados World 2011. It features the Golden Phoenix competing against the Blue Angels who want the ‘crown of light’. All these girls were contestants in the pageant. Each team is directed by a ‘boss’ who instructs them to get the crown and “don’t come back without it”. The teams go on a quest and ultimately confront each other when they both plan to take the crown on the same night. However one of the bosses’ assistant has her own plans for it. The film continued with a live performance.

  • A Glimpse of Spring

    A Glimpse of Spring

    Benjamin Drakes | 2.5 minutes | Barbados | 2011

    A Glimpse of Spring

    is Drakes’ cinematic narrative as a Caribbean Photographer experiencing Spring for the first time. All the footage acquired was captured impromptu in one day, the second day of arrival of a bitterly chilly North American Springtime.

  • Old Country Road

    Old Country Road

    Benjamin Drakes | 2.5 minutes | Barbados | 2011

    Old Country Road

    is his third short film. It is his narrative of experience of country life in North America. The film comprises some still/photographic imagery of many things far removed from the context of his Caribbean existence. The film is a juxtaposing narrative to Drakes’ fourth film. *A Different Place* which looks at life in a big city.

  • Jeffrey’s Calypso

    Jeffrey’s Calypso

    Vashti Anderson | 25 Minutes | US/Trinidad & Tobago

    Working at a large oil company to please his father, Jeffrey hides his secret passion for old time calypso music. His dead grandfather, a calypso icon of the 1950’s, transforms him through a box of old clothes and records. With new-found charisma, Jeffrey is inspired to break free from the life his father has planned for him and win the heart of an edgy, carefree girl named Kala. This love story explores strained race and class boundaries within the unique cultural context of Trinidad while offering a look at the universal struggles that arise from family, love, and rebellion.

  • The Coming of Org

    The Coming of Org

    Davina Lee | 43 minutes | St. Lucia | 2012 (FIRST CUT)

    The Coming of Org
    , directed by Saint Lucian filmmaker Davina Lee, is a psychological thriller based on John Robert Lee’s highly anthologized short story of the same name. The film takes a look at three lives whose stories are intertwined.

    These 3 persons each meet this mythical “Org” and they are changed forever. All scenes are filmed in Saint Lucia and 75% of the movie’s dialogue is in creole/kweyol.


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