Sean Michael Field

Sean has been acting since the age of five. After graduating university he worked with legendary actors Blithe Danner, Kevin Spacey, Peter Gallagher and Al Pacino all while at Long Wharf Theatre.

His first stage appearance in Barbados came in the Hilary Beckles piece, ‘Blessed’, followed by leading roles in ‘From Prague to Prison’, ‘The Redemption of Sister Dinah’ and award winning author David Mamet’s ‘Oleanna’. During this time he won silver in Drama at NIFCA for his biting spoken word piece, ‘The Warning’ and followed this up with a supporting role in ‘Holding On’ and a cameo appearance in ‘Hit for Six’.

Sean also hosted the 2004 Miss Barbados Universe pageant and the first ‘Barbados Film Festival Music Video Fete’ with MTV Tempo’s Jeanille Bonterre. He was seen in Alison Hinds’ music video ‘Roll’ and was subsequently asked to host two shows for Tempo.

In 2007 the opportunity arose to use his talents for a worthy cause when he landed a role for a National HIV/AIDS Foundation commercial, which ran during the Cricket World Cup. It was at this stage that Sean was advised to take his career to Hollywood, which saw his move to Los Angeles in 2007, a successful decision thus far.

Within a week of his move he was hand picked from a line of 300 actors and two days later was in a scene in the blockbuster film Hancock, starring Will Smith. Since then he has been seen on popular TV shows such as CSI Miami, ER, Lincoln Heights, 24, NCIS, Two and a Half Men, Dirty Sexy Money and the pilot for Life on Mars.

Sean also had the lead in several short films including ‘Russell’, a quirky comedy about three firemen; ‘Rumshumkrushafu’, the story about a soldier in Iraq; and a supporting role in ‘The Free Way’, directed by Italian director Alvaro R. Valente. He was also the lead in several independent films. ‘The Prince of Venice’, alongside Ali Suleman, who starred in The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx. ‘Clean Cut’, about a schizophrenic janitor and ‘You’, a film about a dangerous love triangle.

In January 2009 Sean returned home to act in ‘A Monument for Moses’ playing Sir Grantley Adams and completed the short film ‘Severed’ along with the quirky comedy ‘Herban Legends’. He also landed two national commercial for KFC and Nintendo WII respectively. Sean recently filmed ‘Two Brits and Some Mexican Cowboys’, ‘Poof’, a national commercial for ‘AAMCO’ and the feature film ‘Wedding Day’ starring David Koechner. He recently started the company Iland Boy Films and his latest film from this company, ‘REDEMPTION’, is due to be out in late 2011.

Sean is currently signed with Commercial Talent Agency, one of the top five commercial agencies in Los Angeles and Paradigm, one of the leaders of talent in the industry in New York. With his dreams and aspirations still set on doing so much more, he knows his best work is yet to come.