Michael Miller

Michael began his career in film and television thirteen years ago as a background performer after a close friend asked him if he wanted to be an extra in a Hale Berry film. A few months later when his background agent decided to represent principal performers, Michael was selected out of the extras’ roster to audition for a principal role in Due South (an iconic Canadian TV series). After reading “Ten tips for a successful audition” written on a sheet of paper, Michael booked his very first audition.

He went on to act in several film and TV productions including; Playmakers, Deep Cut, Doc, Get Rich or Die Trying, Animal 2, The Line, The Listener, American Pie (the naked mile) and more. He also starred in several theatre productions including; Child Hood and Lockdown receiving highly favorable reviews in the press for his performances. His most notable role was his portrayal of “DX” in the film “A Winter Tale” garnering him with the Leone Forbes award for dramatic excellence and community involvement.

Through the promotion and release of “A Winter Tale” Michael travelled across Canada and around the world facilitating “talk it out” discussions about issues raised in the film. After some screenings and discussions in Toronto, community leaders made requests for Michael to volunteer and work with at risk youth from marginalized communities. Using his experience, he created several programs engaging children and youth in storytelling through improv exercises resulting in the production of two films; “Gender Relations” with a cast of children and youth between ages 8 – 17, and “Why Not Ask Us?” a documentary on youth engagement.

Michael’s experience in film coupled with his lived and work experience in marginalized
communities inspired him to develop a concept he named “The Film Engagement Model”. This concept uses the production of a feature film as a focal point to organize and motivate the community into working towards a tangible goal that has many rewards. Always ahead of the curve, Michael finds ways to take what he has and make artistic choices that will open your eyes and ask “how did hedo that?”