Malinda Francis

Malinda tells visual stories that derive from her experience, as well tries to communicate and connect with others within her community. An independent filmmaker, Malinda (a docuvixen film) has been working as a freelance filmmaker, camera operator and editor for 5 years now.

She continues working on her own projects and various community media initiatives.The themes that she explores in her work are around urban living and cities, and as well migration stories.

Her first independent poetic documentary Where are we (shot in Detroit) is currently going around in various festivals, and developing other films around urban cities such Windsor, especially in the advent of the economic crash.

Malinda works in The Movement Project a performance collective, which produces multi-media performances, combines film, video projection, theatre, spoken word, audio design, and music…around themes of migration, their last performance was last August 2009

Malinda currently works on 2 Radios shows, Works with the team at Saturday Morning Live with Norman Otis Richmon (aka Jalali), at CKLN Flagship News Show. 10am-1pm every Saturday streamed As well with theVibeCollective CIUT 89.5fm, which is a mix of music and current affairs, cohosts Jamaias DaCosta and Syed Adnan Hussain, along with DJ Corey Dawkins bringing Next Level Music.

Malinda is working on her first feature interactive document: “The Diaspora Travels: Haiti’s Displacement Camps”,  where following the Haitian Diaspora in the rebuilding process, after the devastating Earthquake January 12, 2011.  The Website that will go along with the Feature documentary, will create space with those doing the work  on the ground in Haiti, and the Haitian Diaspora around the world.