We will work with you to tailor-make a package that will maximise your exposure at our events.


* Your banner at all events, and at the CaribbeanTales Annual Film festival in Toronto Canada, for one (1) year.

* Your Booth at the Launch Reception

* Full page ad in CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution 2013-14 Distribution Catalogue and Launch Program.

* Logo-Link on CTWD website http://CaribbeanTales-Worldwide.com, and on media releases, and our Newz Blog.

* Access to Toronto’s Huge Diaspora Communities

* Your representatives invited to exclusive CTWD Launch Reception.

* Your representatives invited to exclusive brunch on Sept. 13

* Your representatives invited to speak at one of these events.


UPDATE: We are excited about our new Indiegogo page which aims to provide funding for 8 filmmakers from the Caribbean Diaspora to participate in the renowned Caribbean Tales Incubator Program. Please contribute and help make dreams come true.