Sunday, March 20th

Neema Barnette Showcase

Venue: TBA | 5:00 p.m.

DIG IT by Maharaki
Cabbie Chronicles
by Alison Latchman
Zora Is My Name!
by Neema Barnette

Award-winning director Neema Barnette has left her unique stamp on the silver screen, the small screen and the stage, by engaging audiences with a body of compelling, socially- and politically-charged work that defies the narrow stereotypes of African-Americans usually depicted in entertainment. She is the first African-American woman to direct a television sitcom and to receive a two picture deal with Sony.

Sponsored by:

United States Embassy, Barbados


Creatively Speaking: Closing Night

w/ Michelle Materre
Venue: TBA | 7:30

Haiti: One Day, One Destiny by Michèle Stephenson 
Moloch Tropical
by Raoul Peck

Marketing and distribution specialist, Michelle Materre curates the annual “Creatively Speaking” series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Initiated at the Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem 15 years ago, this program offers a forum for works that convey a realistic, universal portrayal of people of colour.

Michelle Materre is associate professor of Media Studies and Film at the New School in New York City.

A Special Presentation by:

Creatively Speaking