by Rodney Smith

Barbados | 2010 | Drama/Web Series |  5 – 8 mins/episode | English | Web Site


The Dominion Web series is a dark tale of mystery told in the classic detective noir style. It features a rich world of supernatural creatures who live side by side with humans…our own world. They prefer to stay in the shadows, the stuff of legends and myths. But one private investigator is finding out that sometimes the truth is more dangerous than the myths they hide. Jeremiah’s new client, a mysterious woman who is about to take him on a journey into the dark side of our world where monsters to exist, and it’s her job to make sure they stay hidden.

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About the Filmmaker

Rodney Smith has been in film and television production for over 10 years, starting as a writer in Barbados before moving on to become a line producer, tasked with breaking down scripts for budget and scheduling on his first feature film. He was thrust into the role of director on the feature film Mort (2003) and he has honed his filmmaking skills over the years through practical on-set experience. His unique vision starts at the writing stage and continues through storyboarding and planning the production down to the shots selected. His skill as director of photography only adds to his value as a director since he is intimately involved with the material from concept to execution