by Maharaki

Neema Barnette Showcase: Sunday, March 20th | 5:00 p.m. | Venue: TBA

France | 2004 | Short | 8 mins | French w/ English subtitles | Web Site

Dig It

A  young arrogant executive, who recently signed a multimillion dollar contract, races through the countryside in his fancy sports car. In a moment of conceited self-praise, he loses control of the vehicle and gets a flat tire. As he has no tool to change the tire, he decides to walk to an old friend’s home to seek assistance.

About the Filmmaker

MaharakiMaharaki has a BFA in Motion Picture Directing. Presently, she lives and works in Barbados where she produces and directs music videos, advertisements and TV. Her short film, DIG IT, won the Grand Jury Prize and Best Acting Performance (Édouard Montoute) at La Cinémathèque de Paris and became a favourite at a number of film festivals worldwide.