Haiti: One Day, One Destiny

by Michèle Stephenson

Creatively Speaking – Closing Night Screening:
Tuesday, March 15th | 7:30 p.m.

Haiti | 2011 | Documentary |21 mins | English subtitles | Web Site

Haiti: One Day, One Destiny

In the aftermath of Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake, Haitian documentary filmmaker, Michèle Stephenson, traveled there for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s National Black Programming Consortium to document stories not yet heard. Bombarded with news reports focused on international aid efforts, Stephenson’s goal was to tell the story of the rebuilding efforts from the perspective of Haitian people — in their own words.

The short film and Web series Haiti: One Day, One Destiny is the product of Stephenson’s 10-day journey through Haiti after the quake. Through this mosaic of stories, the multiplatform project gives voice to the direct experiences and perseverance of Haitians from all walks of life. We meet Haitians working to rebuild their communities, and gain insight into the historical and spiritual journey of the country.

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