Geneviève et la Théorie du 5
(Genevieve and the Theory of Five)

Six billion people cross paths everyday on this planet without imagining for a
second that their destinies are just five people apart.


Genevieve and the Theorie of 5On a spring morning like any other, Paul and Genevieve, two perfect strangers, cross paths and it’s love at first sight! They fall head over heals in love, thinking how lucky they are. But they have no idea of the web of events that link their past.

It is indeed an improbable encounter, since these two people, who have nothing in common, would have never met if not for five other people establishing their connection over a period of five decades.

Welcome to the theory of five!


Maharaki directed her first short film, Innocents, in 2002. The film was nominated in several international film festivals such as the FESPACO in Burkina Faso and Vues d’Afrique in Quebec.

In 2004, her short film DIG IT won the Grand Jury Prize, with lead actor Édouard Montoute winning the award for Best Acting Performance at the annual showcase of International Film school of Paris. She received her awards before a panel of 15 world class TV and motion picture professionals, including the guest of honour, American director Oliver Stone. Following these accolades, DIG IT became officially recognized by a number of film festivals worldwide.

After receiving a BFA in Motion Picture Directing, Maharaki relocated to Barbados where she produces and directs music videos, advertisements and short TV formats.

Pursuing her dreams of cinema, she is actively consulting with production companies and private institutions to finance her 2007 Prix Lumina Sophie award-winning script, Vivre as well as her first feature film, adapted from the French novel Geneviève et la Théorie du 5.