Marc Gibson

Marc Gibson


A Hitchcock-inspired tale where the lines between hero and villain are blurred as the lengths that people would go to for family are explored.


Bridgeland tells the story of Terrence (Terry) who is separated by circumstance from his older brother, Winfield, after their attempt to rob the home of real estate and construction magnate Alasdair gets Alasdair’s son, Joseph, killed.

Six years later, while Winfield languishes in prison for Joseph’s death, a chance encounter leads to Terrence being befriended by Joanne, Alasdair’s daughter. Terry soon realizes he is falling for her even though her father vehemently disapproves. As more time passes, Terrence figures out that he and Joanne are connected by that horrible night years before and struggles to balance guilt against his love for Joanne.

Unbeknownst to Terry, Alasdair engineers a plan to disrupt his relationship with Joanne, where Winfield, the beautiful and vulnerable Vanessa, and Ralph — a morally corrupt lawyer — are pawns.

But when Alasdair learns the details of his involvement in Joseph’s death, Terrence is confronted not only by Alasdair’s madness and grief, but also by his estranged brother freed of imprisonment by Alasdair’s power and influence.


Since setting his sights on becoming a filmmaker a little over ten years ago, Marc Gibson has, despite numerous hurdles and obstacles, kept his vision firmly fixed on making that dream a reality. His first opportunity came as a camera assistant in 2000 with a Barbadian video production company. Soon after Marc successfully completed his Associates Degree in Mass Communications – Broadcast, from Barbados Community College.

In 2009 Marc distinguished himself by being the only participant of the Community Development Department’s 12-week film course to direct and produce two short films. One of these films, the drama Suspicion, was also an original story penned by Marc for which he co-wrote the screenplay. Suspicion screened at two Barbadian film festivals later that same year: the Bridgetown Film Festival and the inaugural Kingdom Arts Film Festival, where Janaye Burgess copped the Best Actress Award for her portrayal of the film’s protagonist, Catherine. Marc also served as co-director, co-writer and co-producer of a second short, the comedy Michael’s Google Date.

Marc believes that Bridgeland, to be written, directed and produced by him, will firmly establish his dream to be a filmmaker and set a new standard for Barbadian film.