2011 Program

A Hand Full of Dirt

A Hand Full of Dirt
Russell Watson | 2011 | Drama | 103 mins | Barbados

Archie Redman is a middle-aged man burdened by the weight of an unfulfilled life. He lives on a beautiful island, but this brings him no comfort.  More…


The Almighty PenisThe Almighty Penis
Jimmel Daniel | 2010 | Documentary | 25 mins | T&T

This documentary explores males and masculinity in the Caribbean with particular focus on the male anatomy: the penis. More…


CT starfishAu nom du père (In the Name of the Father)
Olivier Baudot Montezume | 2005 | Drama | 27 mins | France/Martinique

Constant, a man of about 60 years, authoritarian and well-to-do, is dying. While he is surrounded by all his close relations, the priest comes to give him the extreme unction. More…


Cabbie Chronicles

Cabbie Chronicles
Alison Tabois Latchman | 2010 | Animation | 5 mins | Jamaica

An animated farce about a cab driver navigating the absurd complexities of modern Jamaican life, with Cabbie providing sporadic irreverent commentary, verbal or otherwise. More…


Caribbean Skin, African Identity

Caribbean Skin, African Identity
Mandisa Pantin | 2010 | Documentary | 33 mins | T&T

The director explores her own identity, using the Emancipation Day parade and its rituals as a starting point for her journey to define some of the complexities of race in T&T. More…



Justin King | Experimental Short | 5 mins

This film is a creative short shot as photos. What emerged as a school project for this emerging director, has grown into a strong exploration on young women and domestic abuse. More…


Children of God

Children of God
Kareem Mortimer | 2010 | Drama | 93 mins | Bahamas

Set against the backdrop of a nation grappling with violent homophobic crime and offering a scathing examination of the underlying hatred for gays rampant in Caribbean societies, the film tells the story of three very different individuals. More…


Conversation a une voix avec Max Cilla

Conversation à une voix avec Max Cilla
Alain Agat & Christian Foret Feyfepiti | 2008 | Documentary | 26 mins | Martinique

A documentary on Martiniquian musician Max Cilla, the father of the “flûte des mornes.” More…


Dig It

Maharaki | 2004 | Short | 8 mins | France

A  young arrogant executive, who recently signed a multimillion dollar contract, races through the countryside in his fancy sports car. More…


Rodney Smith | Drama/Web Series | 5 – 8 mins | Barbados

The Dominion Web series is a dark tale of mystery told in the classic detective noir style. It features a rich world of supernatural creatures who live side by side with humans…our own world. More…


Duke of Bachata

El Duque de la Bachata (The Duke of Bachata)
Adam Taub | 2009 | Documentary | 53 mins | USA

Joan Soriano, a bachata musician, strives to make a success of his career and improve the lives of the family left behind in the rural Dominican Republic. With limited success at age 37, he finds himself still struggling to make it big. More…


Haiti: One Day, One DestinyHaiti: One Day, One Destiny
Michèle Stephenson | 2011 | Documentary | 21 mins | Haiti

Bombarded with news reports focused on international aid efforts, this film instead tells the story of rebuilding efforts from the perspective of the Haitian people. More…


Hit Me with MusicHit Me with Music
Miquel Galofré | 2009 | Documentary | Jamaica

The story of Jamaica’s dancehall music, this film is packed full of interviews that explain the lyrical content, the context in which these songs are born and what it represents in their lives. More…


Jerk ChickenJerk Chicken
Samuel Stewart | Animation | 6 mins | Jamaica

Jerk Chicken is an animated comedic short that explores the work day of a Jamaican jerk chicken chef named Ron. More…


Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with the Joneses
Rommel Hall | 2011 | Mockumentary | 24 mins | Barbados

A European film production company selects the Jones family to be the subject of their documentary . It requires that a camera crew follow the family around for six days after which they will receive $10,000 US. More…


Mas Man

Mas Man
Dalton Narine | 2009 | Documentary | 60 mins | T&T

Mas Man examines the life and Carnival art of Peter Minshall: his design and stage acumen; his Olympic Games contribution; the Carnival stage (the Mas) in Trinidad; and, his set pieces of political protest and entertainment. More…


Moloch TropicalMoloch Tropical
Raoul Peck | 2009 | Drama | 107 mins | France/Haiti

In a fortress perched on the top of a mountain, a democratically elected President and his closest collaborators are getting ready for a state celebration, but in the morning of the event, he wakes up to find the country inflamed, the streets in turmoil. More…


CT starfishPan!
Catherine Emmanuel | 2010 | Documentary | 22 mins | Canada/T&T/USA

This doc follows the bands and players that make it to the fever-pitched final rounds of the competition and slowly reveals just who becomes the new Panorama Champ. More…


Positive and Pregnant

Positive & Pregnant
Stacy Lela | 2010 | Docudrama | 25 mins | T&T

When a pregnant young woman discovers that she is HIV-positive, her world comes crashing down. As she exhausts her possible options, the damage caused by her own errors overshadows whatever hopes she foresees for her child. More…


Quiet Desperation

Quiet Desperation
Renee Pollonais | 2010 | Dramatic Short | 23 mins | T&T

Heathcliff is an unfulfilled man nearing retirement. Merlin, his wife of 35 years, is controlling and critical, especially of him. One morning he finally expresses what’s really on his mind. More…


Run for the DreamRun for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story
Neema Barnette | 1996 | Drama | 99 mins | USA

Gail Devers survived a horrendous illness, a troubled marriage and an overbearing father to become one of the best sprinters in the world and an Olympic champion.  More…


Russ Henderson: The Pan Man

Russ Henderson: The Pan Man
Mike Mckenzie | 2009 | Documentary | 15 mins | UK

The story of renowned jazz pianist and steelpan player Russ Henderson, from his days as a struggling musician in the 1950s to receiving recognition in the form of an MBE from the Prince of Wales for his contribution to the music industry. More…


Seventeen Colours and a Sitar

Seventeen Colours and a Sitar
Patricia Mohammed & Michael Mooleedar | 2010 | Documentary | 35 mins | T&T

Abstract painter Rex Dixon and musician Mungal Patasar find striking similarities in their respective creative processes.  More…



Howard Allen | 2011 | Supernatural Thriller | 110 mins | Antigua

A young couple encounter strange occurrences after they find and sell an ancient artifact in Howard Allen’s highly anticipated new feature film. More…


CT starfishTHE SKIN: Behind the Scenes

The making of Howard Allen’s film THE SKIN.



Sugar Pathways

Sugar Pathways
Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz | 2009 | Documentary | 70 mins | US Virgin Islands

The riveting story of the unwilling migration by Puerto Rican families from the small Caribbean island of Vieques to the US Virgin Islands.  More…


Trou d'air

Trou d’air (Turbulence)
Karine Gama | 2010 | Short Thriller | 7 mins | Guadeloupe

Soah is a former flight attendant who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders. While experiencing one of her anxiety attacks, a thief comes into her world. More…


Zora is My Name!

Zora is My Name!
Neema Barnette | 1990 | TV Series/Drama | 90 mins | USA

Starring veteran actress/activist Ruby Dee, the teleplay captures the extraordinary personality, humour and genius of writer, filmmaker and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston. More…