Friday, March 18th

Secrets & Lies

6:30 p.m. | George Washington House

Causality by Justin King
Trou d’air (Turbulence)
by Karine Gama
Children of God
by Kareem Mortimer

The Secrets & Lies screening showcases two extraordinarily beautiful films that tell with searing honesty the hidden stories of our lives: Causality looks at young women and domestic abuse, Trou d’air focuses on a woman’s experience of anxiety, while Children of God explores of a mixed-race gay relationship.

In Celebration of Artists

9:00 p.m. | George Washington House

Conversation à une voix avec Max Cilla by Christian Foret & Alain Agat
Seventeen Colours and a Sitar
by Patricia Mohammed & Michael Mooleedhar
El Duque de la Bachata (The Duke of Bachata)
by Adam Taub

The Celebration of Artists screening showcases three artist documentaries: Conversation à une voix avec Max Cilla, on Martiniquian musician Max Cilla, the father of the “flûte des mornes”; Seventeen Colours and a Sitar explores the relationship between artist Rex Dixon and renowned sitarist Mungal Patassar; and, El Duque de la Bachata (The Duke of Bachata) documents a young Dominican musician’s rise to success.