From Script to Screen Workshop

Three Screenplay Readings from Growing Up Caribbean

with Penelope Hynam & Beatrice Hallenbarter
Friday, March 18, 2011
7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Cost: $35
Venue: Island Inn

Penelope HynamProducer, Penelope Hynam

Producers Penelope Hynam and Beatrice Hallenbarter will present actors’ staged readings of three of the half–hour scripts destined for production in the dramatic television series Growing Up Caribbean (2011/12).

Growing Up Caribbean is a series of 14 half-hour dramatic films, to be filmed on 10 Caribbean islands. Written and directed by well-known writers and directors who are indigenous to the region, each film depicts a childhood story that illustrates life on one of the islands. The series aims to explore and celebrate what it means to grow up in the Caribbean and to share its vibrancy, beauty, complexity and sense of humour with the rest of the world.

The three scripts:

“The White Beach”
by Alison Saunders
A 12-year-old Trinidadian school girl goes on an unexpected journey of discovery of race and class in her new homeland of Barbados in the early ’70s.

“The Carnival Begins”
by Maharani
A madcap comedy involving two adventurous teenagers, a BMW and a goat, set in Martinique.

“The Man in the Box”
by Penelope Hynam
1950s Barbados: An irrepressible eight-year-old girl goes where she is forbidden and learns more than she bargained for.