CT Content Incubator, Barbados

Film & TV: Long-Running Series & Movies

Michelle Materre, Frances-Anne Solomon, Neema Barnette,
Dr. Keith Nurse, Lisa Wickham, Mitzi Allen & Nerissa Golden

Participating Filmmakers
Alison Tabois Latchman, Alwin Bully, Douglas Newton,
Faisal Lutchmedial, Maharaki, Marc Gibson & Sara Venable

March 14 – 16, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fee: By selection only
Venue: Island Inn

Seven outstanding producers from around the world have been chosen to participate in the first CaribbeanTales Content Incubator, with this year’s focus on long-running television series and movies. This incubator will explore how to develop popular indigenous stories and characters that will attract large audiences and funders, as well as contribute to the development of a regional industry. At the event of the week, these filmmakers will pitch their projects to a panel of industry experts, regional and international buyers at the “Pitch Marketplace” workshop on March 19th.

Find out more about these participating filmmakers and their projects.

Read more about our facilitators:
Michelle Materre, US Marketing and Distribution Specialist
Frances-Anne Solomon, Filmmaker/Producer and CEO of CaribbeanTales
Neema Barnette, Hollywood Television Director
Dr. Keith Nurse, Creative Industries Specialist
Lisa Wickham, Producer and Marketing Specialist
Mitzi Allen, Producer/Owner of Hama TV
Nerissa Golden, Montserrat Information Service/Owner of Golden Media

Hosted by CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution
Sponsored by ULTIMAX TV and Shridath Ramphal Centre