Delroy Kincaid

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Where do White People go When the Long Weekend Comes? The Wondrous Journey of Delroy Kincaid 7 mins Canada explores the story of an artistic eight year old boy from a small seaside Caribbean village and his immigration to a cold First World city.

Delroy?s artistic imagination comes alive and takes him on a wondrous journey through his art in which he tries to understand his identity, his new home and the death of his beloved grandmother who taught him how to illustrate.

The film was funded by the National Film Board of Canada?s Filmmaker Assistance Program, the CFC World Wide Short Film Festival?s CSV Pitch Award and BravoFACT. The Film is scheduled to air on BravoFACT Presents later this year. Contributions to this Powys Dewhurst film included roles as an editor and lead animator.

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Delroy Kincaid – (preview) from Jeff Howard on Vimeo.

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