• My Lens: CaribbeanTales celebrates our lens, our perspective.

    My Lens: CaribbeanTales celebrates our lens, our perspective.

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    FLIM-O-RAMA Online Film Festival

  • CaribbeanTales International Film Festval (CTFF2014)

    CaribbeanTales International Film Festval (CTFF2014)

  • CT2013 Festival

    CT2013 Festival

  • CaribbeanTales Incubator 2013 at TIFF

    CaribbeanTales Incubator 2013 at TIFF

  • Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

    Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

  • Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

    Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

  • Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

    Incubator 2013 Pitch Breakfast at TIFF Lightbox

  • Incubator 2013 Winning Pitch- Karen Chapman

    Incubator 2013 Winning Pitch- Karen Chapman

Media Launch

Media Invite


CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) 2014

CTFF inside 2



This year’s festival begins with community screenings in August throughout the GTA.  CTFF & Incubator 2014 runs September 2nd-13th at  & for our Incubator Program at UofT  (September 2nd-7th) Participants Pitch their projects at TIFF Lightbox and all our festival screenings will be at The Royal Cinema.


- All lengths and genres accepted. CT seeks works made by filmmakers from Caribbean backgrounds and/or that celebrate and explore Caribbean culture, life, society and themes, as well as themes of interest and relevance to people from the Caribbean Diaspora.

- Submissions should be sent   Programming Director, CaribbeanTales International Film Festival, caribbeantales@gmail.com.

- Submissions should include link to an online preview of the film, for example through password protected vimeo or youtube link.

- Application should include: director’s name, film title, length, country, contact info, genre and year of completion, as well as 150-word synopsis.

- Please also include 3 x print says publicity shots, and your trailer if available.

- Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

- Films in foreign languages must be subtitled in English.

- Participants must pay print shipping costs to Toronto.

- The festival will pay the cost of shipping exhibition prints back to the participant.

- Please do not send preview or screening copies by courier, as these may incur customs and duties charges. CT will not cover these charges, and will refuse the package.

- Please note that submission of your film means that if selected, you agree for your film to be shown at the festival.

- All preview tapes will be added to CT’s archives for consideration to our year-round international programming, unless filmmaker indicates in writing that they do not wish it so.

Extended Deadline for Submissions: June 15th.



The renowned CaribbeanTales Incubator Program, now in its 5th year, aims to bring together filmmakers from the Caribbean and its Diaspora, within the context of an international Marketplace setting.

Launched in 2010, the month-long training program culminates during the Toronto International Film Festival and takes the form of intensive preparatory exercises and  participatory workshops and sessions that explore craft and market practice from a Caribbean Diaspora perspective. It is led by leading Caribbean and Canadian film practioners.

The Incubator aims to:

  • Empower filmmakers and media artists to develop their unique voices within a global Caribbean Diaspora context, through collaboration with kindred artists and producers from around the world.
  • Foster the development of long-term partnerships between Diaspora and international practitioners.
  • Develop skills in the all-important packaging and marketing of films through market training and participation in a Pitch Breakfast.

In this way the Incubator contributes to the development of a vibrant world-class Caribbean film industry, by assisting filmmakers to create dynamic, distinctive and viable films that will stand tall in the international marketplace.

The Program  includes:

  • Intensive  sessions to prepare participants for attendance at the TIFF
  • A Welcome Dinner and Show & Tell: Participants meet, greet, and share their work with other participants.
  • A Gala Launch Event, to facilitate networking with producers and filmmakers from Canada and around the world
  • Intensive workshops that emphasize the unique voice and development of a global Caribbean film aesthetic.
  • A market training module including a Pitch Breakfast aimed at Delegates from the International Industry.
  • Access to the Toronto International Film Festival, and guidance to navigate this great event.


Open to  filmmakers, producers, writers, animators, and media practitioners across all disciplines, from the Caribbean and its Diaspora including Africa, India and and South and Central America.

Up to 15 participants will be selected on a competitive basis based on the quality of their independent media/art work, and/or contributions to the Regional film industry.

Selection will be by our Steering Group of established producers and media arts practitioners who will also act as mentors throughout the process.

Deadline for Submissions: June 15th.


Please email the following to CaribbeanTales@gmail.com under the heading INCUBATOR SUBMISSION:

  • your  resume,
  • the synopsis and business plan for the project that you would like to work on at the Incubator. (Please note that if you do not wish to submit a letter detailing why you would like to participate in this program  please send your artwork and/or a link to your online showreel)


Up to 6 Scholarships made posible through the CaribbeanTales Scholarship Fund, will be available for successful applicants on a competitive basis.

Otherwise, participants are responsible for their own travel costs to Toronto, and expenses there, and are encouraged to seek support from their countries of origin.

  • Registration Fee – $500US.
  • Toronto International Film Festival Sales and Industry Pass: CaribbeanTales Special Rate: $300.

The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival and Incubator Incubator Program begins with Community Screenings in August in various communities across the city and Launches September 3rd-13th at the Royal Cinema.





Frances-Anne Solomon, CEO of the CaribbeanTales Group of Media Companies announced this week the official launch of its new video-on-demand brand CaribbeanTales-TV, an online project specialising in Caribbean film and television content. CT-TV is part-funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and aims to target youth and educational institutions in the GTA, as well as regional and global audiences for Caribbean film.  The online platform has developed from a year-long collaboration between Solomon and German filmmaker and entrepreneur Cay Wesnigk, CEO of Onlinefilm.org.


“In our present time where youth are commanding and learning from Internet and new media, this is a great way for them to have technological access to Heritage stories,” says Solomon. “The Internet is not only the way of the future and indeed the present, it offers Caribbean content creators instant access to Diaspora audiences worldwide. These global Caribbean citizens are passionate and committed followers of Caribbean culture in all its incarnations, and now also to Caribbean film.”


The collaboration has resulted in the development of two distinct online platforms. The first, CaribbeanTales-TV.com is part of the CaribbeanTales Group, will go live on September 12th, and aims to include a Netflix-style subscription component from December 2013. CT-TV’s inventory draws on 300 titles from the CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution catalogue including new and past work by established and emerging filmmakers including many successful titles.


The second caribbean.onlinefilm.org, part of the Onlinefilm.org network, is a user-controlled, self-distribution platform for content makers to sell work directly to their fans. It offers Caribbean filmmakers the opportunity to introduce their work to European audiences on a pay per view model.


Digital Distribution and Marketing consultant Hessam Ghorbanian of ParastooFilm said, “The subscription model coupled with a strong marketing plan will make CaribbeanTales-TV a very high viewership online channel and the best solution to offer Caribbean films to its niche audiences worldwide.”

Solomon continues, “The establishment of these two dedicated outlets confirms the strength of our emerging industry, the viability of its content and its potential in the global market.”


Media Contacts:

Caribbean Tales

Planet3 Communications Ltd. – Sarah Zajac/Joanne Smale

T: 647.346.4101           E: info@planet3com.net


About CaribbeanTales

CaribbeanTales is a group of companies that produces, markets and exhibits Caribbean-themed films for regional and international distribution, including:

(1) CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution, that links quality Caribbean movies and their audiences everywhere, (2) the CaribbeanTales Film Festival Group that produces events and training programs all around the world, and (3) CaribbeanTales.ca, a non-profit based in Toronto, Canada, that produces educational programs through film, contributing to an inclusive Canadian society. New for 2013 – CaribbeanTales-TV, an Internet hub and video-on-demand platform aimed at students, educators and Caribbean film buffs.

Now in its eighth year, CaribbeanTales Toronto Film Showcase is produced in partnership with the Harbourfront Centre, and includes a Film Festival, Incubator Program for filmmakers, and a special CNE Screening series.